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A for atmosphere

The surroundings play a decisive role in creating the perfect bathing experience. The right colours, subtle scents and your favourite music with low lighting guarantee an enticing, feel-good atmosphere.

B for baby

Babies love the beneficial warmth of a daily bath or splashing around in water. However, there are a couple of things to take into account. A water temperature of 37 degrees Celsius is considered as optimal and should not be exceeded. The right type of bath additive is also important, since not every bath product is suitable for babies and small children.
Please consult your midwife or paediatrician if you are unsure about which bath products you can use.

C for Celsius

The right room temperature is crucial for a relaxing bath. To ensure optimal well-being, 25-30 degrees Celsius is perfect.

D for duration

Here, the rule of the thumb is not too short and not too long. For a relaxing bath experience, between 10 and 20 minutes is sufficient.

R for relaxation

In order to ensure complete relaxation, it is best to continue to unwind after bathing or – even better – go straight to bed.

F for finishing time

What could be nicer than soaking in the bath after a stressful day? It quietens the mind and you’ll find it easier to sleep.

H for happiness

Why does a bath bring happiness? The perfect bath is a true all-rounder: it helps us to relax and fall asleep easier, it stimulates the circulation, relieves muscle tension, supports the immune system and helps to combat stress.

S for skincare

Almost one in three people suffers from dry skin. Those affected should primarily use bath products with nourishing substances that prevent the skin from drying out.

I for inclusive

A perfect bath isn’t just about relaxation, but also about all-round care, such as a hair treatment, a face mask and the right body product for afterwards. The steam and warm temperature of baths make conditioning and cleansing ingredients particularly effective.

J for jogging

After a cold bath, some refreshing and invigorating movement is just the ticket. Jogging stimulates the circulation and increases the heart rate.

H for herbs

Herbal baths have proven to be particularly effective for colds, tension, nervousness and sleep problems. Herbal oils are the basis for our Frühmesner products.

L for letting go

Relieving stress, escaping the everyday, just letting it all go – the perfect bath helps you to do all this.

M for men

Men don’t bother with baths? Of course they do! According to a consumer study, almost 20 per cent of men have a bath at least once per week. And rightly so – after all, men enjoy relaxing after a busy day, too, and know how beneficial a warm bath can be. This is coupled with the fact that the amount of care products and bath additives for men is constantly on the rise. Fifteen minutes of unwinding in the bath therefore does men the world of good, too.

N for natural

Given the large variety of bath additives now available commercially and in pharmacies, it is important to choose products with natural ingredients to pamper the body. With our Frühmesner bath oils, you can always be sure that you are caring for your body naturally.

O for Orient

The Orient nurtures a deep-rooted bathing culture. Hammams, or Turkish baths, are not only visited by both men and women to clean themselves, but also for massages, exfoliation treatments and hair removal.

C for couples

Treat yourself to some time out – as a couple. Enjoying a bath with your partner is proven to create a sense of closeness, and can strengthen the relationship. It’s therefore definitely worth sliding into the water with your loved one from time to time.

Q for quality instead of quantity

This should be the general rule of the thumb both in terms of an appropriate bathing duration and the bath product dosage.

C for cleaning

In Japan, cleaning yourself is not the main purpose of having a bath. This is mostly done in the shower. Only afterwards, the Japanese lie back in the bath and use the time to relax and cleanse the mind and soul. Why not give it a go?

P for pregnancy

Dear mums-to-be, enjoying a bath during pregnancy is absolutely safe! This helps both you and your baby to relax.
But be careful with the water temperature and duration of the bath!
It’s fine for the water to be nice and warm, but it should never exceed 38 degrees Celsius, since this may trigger pre-term labour. Excessively hot water can also put strain on the circulatory system, which is already under more pressure during pregnancy. This is also the reason why pregnant women should not spend more than 15 minutes in the bath.

T for temperature

The temperature of the bath depends on its purpose and should therefore be chosen according to circumstances.
Those who want to stimulate the circulation should try a cold bath between 15 and 18 degrees Celsius. Nevertheless, at these temperatures, it is important to keep the bath very short – a couple of seconds are enough.
A warm bath between 36 and 38 degrees Celsius is relaxing, but it also makes us tired and slows down the circulation. The maximum bath duration should be 20 minutes.
It’s also nice when the bathroom is at a pleasant temperature. And placing a towel on the heater before your bath means you can wrap yourself up afterwards, thus maintaining a cosy warmth and preventing the body from cooling down too quickly.

O for origin

The culture of bathing already existed during antiquity. Both Greece and the Roman Empire had private and public baths, where citizens went to wash themselves.

T for tension

A warm bath can work wonders for sore and tense muscles. It soothes pain and relaxes the muscles. Due to the warmth, blood vessels expand and the muscles are supplied with more blood and oxygen. Those who wish to intensify the effect can add essential oils, such as lavender oil, to the bath water.
You should continue to rest your muscles after bathing.

B for bathtub care

In order to ensure that no bath product residue remains in the bathtub, it is important to rinse it briefly with clean water afterwards. This prevents foam and soap build-up and prevents slipping next time you get into the bath.

X for xtra well-being

Those who can’t find the time for a spa weekend can re-create the experience with the perfect bath in their own bathroom.

Y for yellow press

There is no better place to read the latest celebrity gossip than in the bath! Since the optimal bathing time is around 20 minutes, you have plenty of time to flick through the latest celeb magazine whilst relaxing in the warm water.

A for additive

Spoilt for choice. From medicinal products to foam baths, today, we really do have it all. Bath additives like bath oils and salts can intensify the relaxing effect of warm water, have special cleansing properties or, in the case of herbal essential oils, can help in the treatment of colds.
But what is the correct dosage? On the one hand, this depends on the size of the bath and the type and concentration of the bath additive on the other.
It’s always best to read the usage instructions on each individual product.